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How NVIDIA Built a Supercomputer for the Office

How NVIDIA Built a Supercomputer for the Office


“Our automated fashion image tagging tool was trained on DGX Station and we experienced 100x faster than human tagging, 90 percent operation costs reduction and higher accuracy than human tagging,” said Jaeyoung Jun, CEO at Omnious. “This is helping us stay ahead of the fashion trend and provide timely service to our customers.”



OMNIOUS press 소개

OMNIOUS, the most talented fashion AI startup, was founded in 2015 by the co-founders researching deep learning algorithms at KAIST. AI and fashion experts work together to transform fashion data to work.

Our mission is to accelerate the digital transformation in fashion, and provide AI and data that companies need in their business.

Gangnam-gu, Dosandaero 145, 12F, Seoul, South Korea