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Top 15 Online Korean Fashion Startups to Watch – Best of 2020

Top 15 Online Korean Fashion Startups to Watch – Best of 2020

published by Seoulz, Jan 25, 202

Korean Fashion startup Omnious develops fashion image recognition solutions using AI technology. They are able to recognize tags as well as product features such as color, materials, shapes, and print details. Their AI is called Omnious Tagger and it helps companies manage and analyze catalog with tag data. Therefore, fashion startups so they can offer their online/mobile users with a user-friendly search function and a personalized recommendation feature. Omnious Tagger offers a accuracy rate of 95% which is 20% better than global competitors. In addition, they have raised $1 million to date from Korea Investment Partners, Mashup Angels, and Big Basin Capital.


OMNIOUS press 소개

OMNIOUS, the most talented fashion AI startup, was founded in 2015 by the co-founders researching deep learning algorithms at KAIST. AI and fashion experts work together to transform fashion data to work.

Our mission is to accelerate the digital transformation in fashion, and provide AI and data that companies need in their business.

Gangnam-gu, Dosandaero 145, 12F, Seoul, South Korea